Hey my name's Tony and I love Jesus, running, working hard, and writing poems. I made this blog to share my love for running, my workouts, sometimes my random thoughts, and motivational pictures I make.

I always keep it krispy

Today’s Workout

Workout: Strength training and weight lifting 

Hey you sexy runners, hope you had a wonderful Thursday and are excited that tomorrow is Friday!  I had a great workout today, I felt strong, relaxed, and really smooth on all my lifts.  I really do like lifting weights guys, it is one of my favorite things to do, when I’m in the gym I feel like a beast.  One thing that always motivates me is my goal is to have the biggest biceps out of all the distance runners…..  Just kidding, but not really ;)

Y’all beast it up today?  What did you do?

Today’s Workout

Workout: Strength training 

Whats good playas!  Had a good workout today, felt strong, and pretty much blew through it with no problems, so next week I will make it harder.  Other than that, not much happened today, just classes and worked out; not complaining though.

Anybody murder their workout today?  Do I need to call 911? 

Today’s Workout

Workout: 4 mile run and core 

Hello you wonderful people and happy Earth Day!!  Well there you have it, my longest run in about 6ish months.  It was such a beautiful day so it was hard not to feel good during my run, which I ran shirtless by the way ;)  My legs felt a little sore, but that was cause I lifted pretty hard yesterday and other than that my breathing, my arms, core, and back all felt good.  Really really really happy about this “milestone” I have overcome !

Still need to be careful and not go too hard too soon because tendinitis is nothing to play with; taking it day by day.

What did you wonderful people do today?