Hey my name's Tony and I love Jesus, running, working hard, and writing poems. I made this blog to share my love for running, my workouts, sometimes my random thoughts, and motivational pictures I make.

I always keep it krispy

Today’s Workout

Workout: 2 mile run and recovery strength training

Hey all, happy Saturday and best of luck to everyone racing! I had a pretty good workout today except I was super tired. I thought I got plenty of sleep last night, but I am probably so over tired and that’s why I am still really tired. Run felt pretty good and strength training was a breeze since it was my recovery day (all reps cut in half). Glad I got through my workout cause I do feel a lot better now :)

If you had a great workout or race please share it with me!!

Today’s Workout

Workout: 2 mile run and strength training

Thoughts: Happy Friday! Congrats on making it through the week y’all. Had a good day, the weather was beautiful, and I know I only ran two miles, but I ran those miles shirtless and it felt amazing!! Second run back and felt pretty good, I wasn’t breathing hard and legs feelin strong. Hopefully I can keep this up :)

Anything thing y’all did worth sharing? Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend!!

Today’s Workout

Workout: strength training and weight lifting

Whew almost Friday! Today was rough, was super tired and didn’t feel good at all cause of it. Felt sick and had like no appetite which really sucks cause I love food and this whole week has been filled with not enough sleep. I was able to take a short nap and that did help a little, but still pretty tired. Anyways, enough with my sleeping problems; I had a great workout today. Really feeling strong and I am able to do more reps and weight without sacrificing quality or form. Another solid day for me in the books!

Any of y’all have a great workout that’s worth sharing? I’d love to read about it